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SURF Communication Solutions is an industry leader in multimedia processing technologies and solutions for real-time communication systems and applications. Since 1996, SURF's products have delivered the integral technology behind many of the leading vendor's multimedia servers, PBXs and gateways, and have been deployed by operators and service providers worldwide. SURF provides a fully converged multimedia processing subsystem handling media, signaling or both - to provide video, voice and/or data over any new or legacy network, bridging between communication islands in the ever-changing world of telecommunication; SURF's solutions afford unmatched density and optimal performance - whatever the platform, network, protocol or multimedia requirement, delivering value added services to tens of millions of users daily; SURF's trend-setting solutions are available in various form factors: s/w only, appliance-based or board level.

SURF-HMP™, SURF MOTION-HMP™ and ORION-HMP™ - The latest crown jewels in SURFs offering, mark a breakthrough in NFV-based, multimedia processing and service provisioning solutions revolutionizing cost, performance and functionality - extended via superb 4K Video resolution and ultra-high capacity Video & Voice processing (see available applications on Services tab) on any COTS GPU accelerated INTEL processor. Instrumental in bridging the “battle between codecs” in the WebRTC world, SURFs solutions support any-to-any transcoding between H.264, H.265, VP8 and VP9 codecs. Additionally coping with signaling and termination gap challenges, SURF-HMP™ grows to be an imperative building-block when interconnecting between legacy/ incumbent operator networks and emerging WebRTC environments.

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Offering a wide variety of licensing models, SURF-HMP™ and its product family members are architectured to meet requirements from evolving and up-to full-blown/large-scale deployments – whether on premise or in the cloud, driven-by a powerful multimedia processing engine facilitating a multitude of applications (transcoding, conferencing/mixing, MRF, playout, recording, messaging, Video Surveillance and more):

SURF HMP: A world of applications...