Engineering Excellence. It's what drives our collaborative efforts to optimize our products for maximum performance, flexibility, and reliability.

Open source has transformed the computing landscape. It is changing economic models and creating new enterprise dynamics.

SUSE, a pioneer in open source software, provides reliable, interoperable Linux, cloud infrastructure and storage solutions that give enterprises greater control and flexibility. More than 20 years of engineering excellence, exceptional service and an unrivaled partner ecosystem power the products and support that help our customers manage complexity, reduce cost, and confidently deliver mission-critical services. The lasting relationships we build allow us to adapt and deliver the smarter innovation they need to succeed—today and tomorrow.

And SUSE is leading the way with SUSE Linux* Enterprise Server, a versatile server operating system for deploying highly available enterprise-class IT services in mixed IT environments with best-of-breed performance and reduced risk. With SUSE Linux* Enterprise Server you compete more effectively though improved uptime, better efficiency, and accelerated time to market.


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Propel your enterprise to the next level of productivity and competitiveness with the advanced foundation for enterprise computing, SUSE Linux Enterprise 12.

Increase Uptime
Minimize planned and unplanned downtime and maximize service availability. Take advantage of our rugged reliability, high availability and live kernel patching to meet service-level agreements and keep your business running. Learn more about how SUSE helps you achieve 99.999% availability and move towards zero downtime.

Improve Operational Efficiency
Boost your efficiency by simplifying systems management and by ensuring high levels of resource utilization like Docker, easy-to-use management tools, and comprehensive tools for efficient image building and deployment in physical and cloud.

Accelerate Innovation
Harness the power of the newest Intel CPUs on the market. Get fast, timely access to abundant open source and partner innovations. Reduce time to value through SUSE-certified quality and ease of integration.