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Telenity is a leading provider of innovative services and solutions for communications networks in emerging markets. With a complementary portfolio of market-proven software products, Telenity enables network operators to unleash and monetize their network assets, and to personalize the services that they offer. Telenity’s revenue generating solutions include messaging products such as SMSC, MMSC, USSD Service Center; innovative VAS products such as personalized call completion, next generation voice mail, collect call, workforce/family tracker and various other location based services; partner management system, location middleware, API management and service enablement solution, which are all consolidated on Telenity’s fully virtualized, cost effective, easy to deploy, easy to operate, high-performance, highly scaleable, and time-tested CanVAS® operating environment.

In today’s market, telecom network operators need to be more agile to stay competitive. They aim to increase their Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and lower their Operational Expenses (OpEx) at the same time. To achieve these two challenging goals, telecom operators are looking for ways to offer innovative services to subscribers in a timely manner and to increase their operational efficiency through cost effective automated technologies. Telenity’s mission is to deliver results for its telecom operator customers with a complete suite of solutions in an effort to allow them to:



In order to remain competitive in all markets, gain the necessary level of agility to implement innovative services and to optimize the cost structure, communication service providers should move to a converged infrastructure for Telco networks and IT networks. To help communication service providers in their digital transformation move, Telenity’s overarching goal is to become the preferred partner and NFV applications supplier of innovative Messaging/VAS Consolidation, API Management, and Service Enablement solutions for wireless and wireline communication service providers. Telenity follows open standards such as ETSI NFV specifications and leverages proven NFV infrastructure comprising cutting-edge cloud and virtualization technologies to deliver a flexible and cost-effective environment that is based on NFV-ready design approach.

Canvas platform and applications are inline with following ETSI NFV architecture principles:

Common converged infrastructure across diverse service networks Hardware/software separation & fully virtualized environment Reuse and sharing of physical resources Consolidated provisioning and management Centralized operation and maintenance Configuration driven integration Flexible scalability (scale in/out & scale up/down)