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Tiledmedia provides advanced streaming software for high-quality Virtual Reality experiences that teleport viewers into a stadium, concert or other (live) events. Tiledmedia’s software can stream up to a 16K resolution via the internet, creating an experience with unparalleled video quality. Tiledmedia’s ClearVR technology streams Premier League football for both BT Sport and Sky Sports on a weekly basis. It also powered the 2022 NBC Olympics VR by Xfinity app on the Oculus Quest 2 and Pico Neo3, streaming Beijing 2022 in ultimate VR clarity.


Tiledmedia’s tiled streaming technology also enables Mosaic Multiview which simultaneously displays an infinite number of video streams on a single screen. It can be used on mobile devices, TV platforms and in VR headsets. Mosaic Multiview solves the problems that have prevented scalable multi-stream experiences. Imagine a football game where each viewers can choose for themselves what camera feeds they want to watch. They can personalize their layout by changing the amount, size, and positioning of each video


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Tiledmedia’s scalable technology integrates seamlessly with the customer’s delivery chain. It consists of a Software Development Kit (the Tiledmedia Player SDK) and a cloud transcoding service (Tiledmedia Cloud). Together, these enable VR and multiview streaming solutions, with the option to mix and match VR and Mosaic Multiview on all devices. 

The Tiledmedia Player SDK directly powers your application and enables the VR and Multiview playback. It streams only the pixels that the user sees at the resolution that they are displayed. This gives the highest streaming quality at the leanest bitrates. The cross-platform SDK suite allows flexible streaming of Mosaic Multiview and High-Quality VR content.

The Tiledmedia Player SDK is built for integration into your mobile or headset application, across major platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows, as well as all popular VR headsets. 

The Tiledmedia Player SDK has been field-tested on thousands of different device/OS combinations.

Tiledmedia Cloud is Tiledmedia’s public cloud-hosted transcoding service. Tiledmedia Cloud runs customer transcodes for Multiview Mosaic as well as VR. It supports live and on-demand services, with up to 8K live stereoscopic VR360 and on-demand up to 16K VR360. Tiledmedia Cloud can egress the transcoded content to any CDN, ready for immediate distribution. It also enables live and on-demand workflows for Mosaic Multiview content, with a virtually infinite number of video/camera feeds

The web-based Tiledmedia Cockpit provides an operator-friendly user interface to the Tiledmedia Cloud, for live and on-demand transcodes. Alternatively Tiledmedia Cloud supports programmatic access through a Cloud API for integration the technology into any delivery chain.




Tiledmedia’s streaming solutions enable engaging and ultra-high quality streaming experiences that are massively scalable. 

Streaming providers using Tiledmedia’s solutions can use live and on-demand content and easily stream multiple cameras with seamless switching in VR or Multiview applications. They can enable flawless co-viewing and social interaction across platforms (tablets, phones, TVs. VR headsets).


High Quality VR Streaming

Tiledmedia’s ClearVR technology powers extremely high quality VR180/360 video over existing networks. Content is scalable to millions of users simultaneously over regular Content Delivery Networks (CDN), using standard http streaming technology. ClearVR enables streaming qualities from 4K to 16K, monoscopic and stereoscopic. You can stream at a much higher resolution and quality while benefiting from a 50-75% lower bandwidth.