Making the Virtual Reality

Tiledmedia is a global frontrunner in flexible, low-latency delivery of extremely high-resolution video content to consumer devices, focusing on Virtual Reality video.

Benefits of streaming with clearVR

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Tiledmedia develops and licenses its ClearVR Technology Suite for tiled streaming. The suite consists of:
clearVR SDK

The Clear VR SDK, an SDK to integrate with a player application on VR headsets and “flat” devices like mobile phones and tablets, or even set-top boxes . The ClearVR SDK handles all network and media delivery functions and interfaces with the decoder on the device – it’s a complete media player without a UI. ClearVR also supports playback of regular HLS and MP4 audiovisual content.

ClearVR Cloud

Clear VR Cloud (Live), the cloud solution for processing VR360 or panoramic videos to produce packaged tile streams that are ready to store on any Content Delivery Network. The live encoding relies on massively parallel processing and encoding using Intel’s open source SVT-HEVC encoder.

clearVR Packager

ClearVR Packager, our packaging solution for delivery of encoded tile streams to a CDN. Can be integrated with any existing encoding and processing platform for customers who want to build their own ClearVR content processing chain in an edge server or for on-prem deployment. The ClearVR Packager comes pre-integrated with the same SVT-HEVC encoder that powers ClearVR Cloud, in configurations that are highly optimised to run on just a few high-powered Intel® Xeon® servers.

Integration of ClearVR into production and delivery flow:

Tilemedia ClearVR Flow