TOPSEC is a leading company which provides information security products and services in China. It is committed to improving the visibility, availability, controllability, and security of users’ network and applications based on innovative “reliable network architecture” and leading information security products and services in the industry, so as to reduce security risks as well as create business value.

TOPSEC provides clients the full range of security equipment and technical solutions, such as perimeter security, service delivery, data security, endpoint protection, security audit, security management and security operation of seven series to ensure the customer's network and information systems security.


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A leader in the security hardware market in China

Since 1996, TOPSEC has pioneered the firewall products with independent intellectual property rights to fill the gaps in domestic market, to self-developed programmable ASIC security chip, to over 100 G rack "NGFW4000-UF Qingtian (Firewall) " security gateway in the cloud era, the TOPSEC has adhered to independent innovation, and completed the transition of follow -made firewall, with nearly even beyond the internationally renowned products. More than 10 consecutive years, it ranked first in Chinese information security market firewalls, security gateways, security hardware, the TOPSEC led and witnessed the milestone in the development of information security industry in China. Fast growing security management business
The security management software business of TOPSEC has developed very fast and achieved or is achieving the leading role in every involved area, in addition to being a firewall and network boundary protection. Its terminal virtualization technology assists customers with building a controllable and trustable application environment of key network, which completely avoids disastrous influence brought by Internet security threat on the network important applications and data. Unified users and terminal security management help customers in effective managing various applications, realizing the unified users’ management and users’ terminal data protection. And also it involves fast-growing mobile intellective terminals. Qualified and standard management helps customers realizing auditing and monitoring of data base, business, network and operation. Statistics security analysis and research platform with many functions such as security equipment management, application management, data security management and security management are becoming the core of security management platform, Internet security and cloud service platform in the next generation.