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Ecosystem Partners

Working together to deliver optimized world-class solutions

Vasona Networks

Vasona Networks works with mobile operators to navigate today’s unprecedented network challenges that cause poor customer experiences, user churn and flat revenue.

Customers can pursue opportunities on the road to 5G with edge-based (MEC) solutions that offer real-time insight and control of mobile data traffic flowing through crowded cells. With Vasona, operators deliver better user experiences, make smarter use of network investments and save money.


SmartAIR® is an edge compute application platform that manages RAN resource contention and alleviates the effects of congestion at an individual cell level to deliver better services. Deployed as a software or appliance solution, it was built for 3G and 4G networks and solves mobile network traffic challenges today. It also prepares the network for the next evolution, including NFV, IoT and 5G.

Vasona's SmartVISION® analytics suite provides insights about congestion location and cause, both for real-time management and effective long-term planning.



Network congestion creates poor quality experiences, frustrating mobile customers who then struggle with inconsistent service performance, video-start delays, video stalls, inconsistent service and other problems. To overcome frequent and common network congestion that causes this, mobile network operators typically spend more on network capacity. SmartAIR solves these challenges so operators do not have to chase capacity upgrades to meet ever-increasing customer demands.

From a critical aggregation point between the RAN and core networks, SmartAIR determines cell and session states of all user equipment and applications in use. When it detects congestion, it reacts instantly and precisely to manage traffic queues, reduce the negative effects and assure best experiences for the most end-users. It simultaneously makes smarter use of the existing network resources.

Improve QoE: Consistent performance; avoid interruptions of video, browsing and apps during busy hours Gain Capital Efficiency: Efficiently utilize RAN resources; get more from investments Handle All HTTP/HTTPs Traffic: Manage busy-hour network traffic, including HTTPS and QUIC Deliver Best-In-Class Video: Improve streaming-media QoE by shaping and guiding session rates to match current cell conditions Support Granular App Performance: Precisely manage app performance by time and location demands at the cell level Achieve a More Flexible Network: An edge (MEC) software platform to transition from rigid to agile RAN, supporting future network advances like NFV, IoT and 5G

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