VT iDirect

Over its 25-year history, VT iDirect has established itself as a change agent within the industry, a driving force in transforming the economics, engagement models, and technologies that have rapidly expanded the accessibility of satellite communications around the world. The company is the world's leading enterprise TDMA satellite communication provider with a 57% share of hub market, a 32% of the TDMA modem share market, and is the leading market share holder across mobility, enterprise, and government markets.

Our product portfolio, branded under the name iDirect, sets new standards in performance and efficiency, making it possible to deliver voice, video and data connectivity anywhere in the world. The iDirect universal platform enables its global network of top satellite operators, service providers and telecommunication companies offer a portfolio of business-quality voice and data services across a wide range of markets, and to make those services available through various business models with the lowest operating cost.

In the past, VT iDirect shaped the future of how the world connects by meeting both the economic and technology challenges across the satellite industry. Today, VT iDirect is in the midst of another major industry transformation; the company is driving the industry toward full mainstream integration within the 5G end-to-end network model.

It's the capacity to innovate in these times of significant change that has placed VT iDirect in a unique position to not only drive industry growth, but help create and maintain a world where everyone person and business is connected.


The iDirect Universal platform allows operators and providers to optimize their networks, differentiate their services and expand their business. All while staying 100% up to speed with the pace of technology.

The platform consists of a universal hub and a versatile series of high-performance remotes with a fully integrated management system. Together, these form a unified IP-based satellite communications architecture and enable service providers to serve multiple markets, and support different business models and SLAs from a single platform. iDirect's universal suite of products supports multiple bands and topologies to meet any application across a broad array of markets.

Also featuring a comprehensive range of satellite remotes that are compatible on both the Evolution® and iDirect Velocity® platforms, our proven DVB-S2 portfolio and new DVB-S2/DVB-S2X portfolio will bring unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency for HTS as well as investment protection.