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Wuhan Greenet

Wuhan Greenet

Wuhan Greenet Information Service co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan Greenet), was founded in 2003 with registered capital of 70 million yuan. Focusing on high-performance network packet processing based on X86 technique, it provides solutions for application network equipment on telecommunication level. The headquarters is located in what is known as "China Optics Valley," Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone Software Park, with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other cities.

Since its foundation, GreeNet has all along been focused on the research and practice of efficient and intelligent internet devices and services at telecom carrier-grade. Through over a decade’s advancement, we have created a good number of core platforms, including Carrier-Grade DPI, GN Cube, Big Data, SDN/NFV, etc., all of which have been evaluated by Intel experts as with “world-class level”.

By the end of 2015, our core businesses have covered over 84% Chinese provinces and managed more than 45Tbps traffic across China. This has empowered GreeNet to become the largest provider and operator at telecom carrier-grade in China.


NISP (Network Intelligent Service Platform)

NISP is a holistic solution for intelligent pipe of telecom operators.

NISP=DPI?distributed computing?PB level?mass?storage + based on Web Rich Client

The platform structure of NISP contains two main parts which are DPI device and general back-end platform with data analysis and application supporting, and is able to flexibly extend the business functions.

GN-CUBE (High-performance web-application software solution)

It is an open development platform based on the universal hardware architecture of Intel X86. It has self-developed NGOS and GNLIB based on Linux kernel, can realize the line speed analysis and forwarding of 7-layer applications on 10-gigabit Ethernet, and solves the bottleneck of IO handling capacity of X86 network devices.

GN Flush: the SDN controller

It is a high-performance SDN controller based on X86, can realize a super high performance flow sending rate of 10M flow/s, and has a carrier-grade high reliability and a millisecond active-standby switch.

ADP (AD Plus)

This is an open platform which is service for operators who needs the ability to run large data,using depth protocol analysis (DPI) technology, the user's online behavior data were fingerprint recognition, parallel computing, pattern matching, depth of learning, processing, mining, intensive and efficient provide based on natural person's unique ID identification capability, it can effectively identify the natural person attribute of pipeline data.