xFlow Research

xFlow Research is focused on providing research and development services in the Communications domain that enable companies to reduce their time to market and build in community acceptability.

We specialize in:

SDN/Open Flow/ODL/ONOS technologies Open Stack NFV – (NFVI, VNF, Mano) Testing/Benchmarking Hadoop/Big Data

We provide engineering services and professional support for deployment. We have contributed to OSM, ODL, and Open Stack communities.

Currently we are developing virtual broadband remote access server for ISP community.


NFV Services - xFlow Research offers specialized services in Network Function Virtualization. Our focus is on Research and development related to NFVI, VNF, and MANO.

OpenStack Services - We offer development, integration, deployment and administration services for OpenStack clouds.

SDN - We specialize in full SDK stack development. Network Virtualization is done using emerging tunneling protocols such as VxLAN, STT, NVGRE, STT, GTP.

Big Data - Benchmarking of Hadoop in different Cloud platforms including OpenStack, VMware vCloud and Microsoft Azure, using TPCx-HS.

IoT - We have a keen interest in developing IoT applications and are working on various applications for the Internet of Things, including automation of smart electricity meters.

Datapath Acceleration - We research and develop proofs of concept of high velocity clouds, employing kernal-bypass networking to enable datapath acceleration for high-performance virtual networks and cloud applications.

Training - We provide trainings in various technologies.