Xura offers customers a pathway to next generation digital technology. Our thinking unlocks the possibilities of no boundaries communications. We work with Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and enterprises all over the world, helping them to meet the needs of tomorrow’s multi-device, multi-services consumers. As the leader in messaging technology, we offer clever ways to financially realize opportunities from existing messaging infrastructure, while guiding customers to richer communications solutions by creating innovative products and services.

Now, collaborating with Intel to fully enable the power of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Xura enables CSPs to take advantage of the benefits of NFV. Near term benefits include lower capital and operational expenditures, including data center costs. More importantly, a longer term benefit will be increased network flexibility that enables the radical transformation in the operational business of managing a telco. NFV provides CSPs with a much greater degree of network elasticity and the agility to adapt to market or consumer behavioral changes simply and quickly.


CSPs can integrate Xura’s carrier-grade systems to provide a wide range of critical network messaging functions such as:

MMS transport and delivery SMS transport and delivery SMS routing (MT router, home-router) SMS Spam and Fraud Control IP-SM gateway providing SMS over IMS network. RCS (Rich Communications Suite) (Visual) Voicemail

For CSPs shifting to NFV, the operational aspects of managing a messaging infrastructure evolve and change business behaviors that transform the fundamental importance of the value added services. New services can be generated with minimal disruption to network infrastructure allowing the operational emphasis to shift focus to packaging, positioning, pricing and training. NFV CSPs may address the specialized needs of a certain industry vertical simply by creating a new instance of a virtualized service for that sector and making the necessary modifications. Whereas previously in order to fulfill specialized needs, complex software enhancements were required on common, shared service platforms.

Xura’s market-leading solutions are designed and developed to enable flexible deployment models for the CSP. Options include software only deployment in the customer network, in a private cloud or as a cloud service.