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Yotta Communications is a company specialized in open multivendor NFV/SDN solutions. Our solution is designed to give Service Providers an efficient way to handle Design/Integration/Evaluation, Deployment, and Support & Maintenance of multivendor solutions.

In our Automated Test Cloud we can quickly build up and configure a System Under Test, reflecting customer environment, with all the components needed to test a complete solution. In our Test Cloud we have a variety of different building blocks: Compute nodes, NICs, Switches, VIMs, SDN controllers and Orchestration solutions. Depending on the use case, we will onboard needed VNFs (one or several) to be able to evaluate a complete service chain.

Yotta's solution does also provide huge benefits for the software and hardware vendors, since they can validate and show their products in specific Service Provider context and provides efficient means to handle product upgrades and support.

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Using our Automated Test Cloud we support Service Providers in all implementation stages of an open multivendor NFV/SDN solution. After deployment we also provide 2nd or 3rd Support & Maintenance services for the complete solution.

Design, Integrate & Evaluate: Service Providers can evaluate the capability from a multitude of vendors and benchmark the results. Service Providers can choose best of breed components and include important functional/operational aspects already in the evaluation phase. The complete solution design can therefore be pre-validated to secure fast and secure deployment. Deploy: Yotta provides deployments artefacts, deployment code, and sample configurations. This makes the deployment process easier and less time consuming for the Service Provider. Support & Maintain: Yotta performs trouble shooting and RCA to quickly identify and resolve trouble tickets. Yotta's automated test cloud solution contains test flow mechanisms to automatically build and run regression tests whenever there is an upgrade of a component. This minimizes trouble ticket resolution times both for service providers and vendors. It also eliminates the need for integration and validation projects prior to network upgrading.