ZNYX Networks is the leading global provider of high availability embedded Ethernet solutions for CarrierClassTM systems. Equipment manufacturers and system integrators use ZNYX Networks technologies to create next-generation solutions with high availability, high performance, and strict compliance to telecommunications standards. The company's portfolio of products and services offer design engineers pre-built and pre-tested embedded network and switch solutions, enabling rapid development and significant "time to market" advantages.


The ZNYX B1, the latest virtualization platform innovation for network services, provides a top-of-rack switch platform for security and NFV (network function virtualization) with an integrated Intel Xeon class server environment. Networking applications, virtualized security appliances, or load balancers can run either in a VM or as bare-metal on the B1 compute environment which provides services for the computer in the rack. With unmatched functional density for top-of-rack switches, the B1 delivers unprecedented consolidation and cost savings for enterprises, data centers, and telecom.

The B1 competes against a combined solution of a standard top-of-rack switch and rack-mount server providing twice the density in half the rack space at about 2/3 the cost.

Network services and security functions can now be integrated into the top-of-rack switch by utilizing virtualized applications that are easy to acquire and deploy - which frees space within the rack. The B1 tightly couples the network services of an Ethernet switch with an x86 compute resource. This combination delivers the high performance required for line-rate packet delivery and service chaining to applications in the data path.