6WIND Turbo Router and Turbo IPsec

6WIND Turbo Router and Turbo IPsec

6WIND Turbo Appliances leverage 6WINDGate™ technology, which is deployed in Tier 1 networks worldwide, to provide the packet processing performance of hardware networking solutions in software. Within the Speed Series family, Turbo Router provides advanced networking functions, including routing and a stateful firewall. Turbo IPsec adds the support of IPsec VPNs with IKE. 6WIND's Turbo Appliances can be managed and configured through the Command Line Interface (CLI), the XML-based management system, or the Linux shell.



  • High performance I/Os leveraging DPDK, with multi- vendor NIC support from Intel, Mellanox and Emulex
  • High performance, fully-featured data plane networking
  • High performance control plane
  • CLI, XML or Linux-based management
  • Bare metal and virtual environment deployment


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