6WIND Virtual Accelerator

6WIND Virtual Accelerator

6WIND Virtual Accelerator runs inside the hypervisor domain and removes Linux performance bottlenecks by offloading virtual switching from the networking stack. It maximizes the number of Virtual Machines and their networking performance by reducing the hypervisor CPU resources necessary for packet processing. In addition to virtual switching (using Open vSwitch or the Linux bridge), 6WIND Virtual Accelerator supports a complete set of networking protocols to provide a complete virtual networking infrastructure, including but not limited to: VLAN, VXLAN, Virtual Routing and Forwarding, Filtering, NAT, and IPsec. 6WIND Virtual Accelerator is transparent to Linux and its environment, so that existing Linux applications do not need to be modified to benefit from packet processing acceleration. As a result, standard control plane protocols and orchestration tools such as OpenStack can be used without any modification.



  • High performance I/Os leveraging DPDK, with multi-vendor NIC support from Intel, Mellanox and Emulex
  • High performance virtual switching (Open vSwitch and Linux bridge) and networking (Overlays, Filtering/NAT, Forwarding, IPsec)
  • Supports existing workloads through standard Virtio drivers
  • Transparent to management and orchestration tools such as OpenStack


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