Accenture System Integration Services

Accenture System Integration Services

Communications Service Providers are evolving from traditional service providers into Integrated Digital Service Providers, with digital at the heart of everything they do. Accenture brings multiple advantages to organizations seeking to achieve this transformation. There is no organization better at IT transformation, and with the convergence of network and information technology, Accenture is now bringing its tools for process and governance to the network world, and to the Intel Network Builders ecosystem. Accenture has the industry expertise, digital insight, technology experience, ecosystem partners and end-to-end solutions to help build your next-generation network. We can help you make the move from a traditional network to a digital network, along multiple dimensions through our four offerings: Next Generation Enterprise Services, Field Installation and Repair Services Transformation, Service Experience Engineering Management and Digital Network Deployment.



  • End-to-end suite of services with comprehensive support to meet the demands faced by CSPs who seek to become platform-based Interactive Digital Service Providers.
  • Assistance to design, develop, deploy, operationalize, migrate to and jointly take to market next-generation enterprise telco service portfolios.
  • Command Center supporting CSPs’ transformation process, running the installation and repair process from customer care through field operations. Provides enhanced performance visibility and management capabilities as well as analytical capabilities to solve structural issues and continuously improve operations.
  • Framework based on platform-driven network construction management services, starting with mobile network buildouts that optimize network CAPEX, while managing the complexity of the deployment and driving excellence in the supporting supply chain.
  • Network build platform - a cloud-based modular asset that uses advanced analytics to control and optimize network rollouts and upgrades, providing root-cause, what-if, trend and forecast analysis, down to the site level.
  • Platform-driven engineering and operational services to help digital CSPs optimize their service performance, reduce their engineering and operational costs and optimize their network assets. Service Experience Engineering Management enables providers to run network operations with analytics-driven, customer-centric insights.


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