AdaptiveMobile Messaging Security

AdaptiveMobile Messaging Security

AdaptiveMobile Messaging Security helps mobile operators who are facing intense competition as their messaging services mature and new entrants in their markets emerge. To protect their revenues and margins they need continual protection against the latest messaging security threats, across SMS, Email, MMS and RCS. Using in-network controls, subscriber reputation and advanced threat detection algorithms, the AdaptiveMobile Messaging Security platform can identify and block spammers, service gateways and app broadcasts.



  • Tamper-resistant Fingerprints: Fingerprinting algorithms proven to consistently defeat continual threat metamorphosis
  • Sophisticated New Threat Discovery: In-network proprietary algorithms to constantly hunt for and identify suspicious new threat types, delivering up to zero-minute protection
  • Real-time Reputation & Traffic Analysis: System-wide behaviour and content-based reputation of all sources driving policy decisions
  • Sophisticated Security Policy Structure: Comprehensive and flexible policy capabilities to respond to new requirements without service deterioration
  • Global Security Analytics: Global security team with “Big-Security” threat analytics platform to support in-network threat detection and remediation
  • Actionable insights:
  • Drill-down threat details:
  • Customer care tools to respond to queries, retrieve subscriber history /filtering decisions and update customer reputation and policy
  • Virtualisation support for faster deployment, upgrade and expansion


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