AdaptiveMobile Signalling Protection

AdaptiveMobile Signalling Protection

Signalling networks using protocols such as SS7 and Diameter are under attack from adversaries and fraudsters, exploiting loopholes in the protocols to breach subscriber privacy, deny access to key services and to directly defraud mobile operators. Government regulators, corporate customers and consumer organisations are becoming increasingly concerned following a number of high profile exploits. Mobile operators urgently need to implement a signalling firewall and threat intelligence solution. SS7 was once an obscure protocol protected by a strong ‘walled garden’ of large government-owned telecom providers. With deregulation and the global expansion of mass mobile communications, SS7 access is now commonplace, and entry to the walled-garden can be accessed for legitimate and illegitimate means. Diameter, a newer signalling protocol used in LTE and IMS is also at risk.



  • Monitor and block attacks without major network disruption
    •Straightforward and low impact overlay approach enables rapid protection of your network •Located at strategic network positions to ensure blocking of privacy and fraud attacks
  • Detects new types of attacks
    •Prevents GSMA Category 1,2 and 3 attacks •Smart algorithms uncover suspicious activity •Global Threat Intelligence Service leverages real world intelligence from customer sites on 5 continents
  • Threat reporting enabling fast and accurate risks assessment
    •Dashboard delivers unique insights with drilldown to full details of original source packet
  • Multiple operating modes allowing a flexible and phased approach
    •Passive monitoring, active routing & blocking, or combined mode



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