Advantech 6U 6-Slot AdvancedTCA Reference Systems

Advantech 6U 6-Slot AdvancedTCA Reference Systems

Advantech’s Netarium™ series of ATCA reference systems are specifically targeted to help network equipment providers reach superior levels of performance and extend their product range at the high end. Advantech optimizes the systems to achieve highest possible density at the rack level, with a maximum number of payload blades, network ports and switching capacity. The system is tailored for applications which require faster and deeper packet processing such as policy enforcement, network security, real-time traffic monitoring, load balancing, subscriber analytics and content optimization. Many different payloads can be integrated into Advantech Netarium™ systems and configured to address diverse industry applications. As ATCA was designed to meet carrier-grade constraints, the systems integrate the chassis, cooling, power distribution and shelf management into an off-the-shelf platform solution capable of 5 NINES availability and reliability.



  • 6U 6-slot 19" rackmount ATCA shelf with integrated switches and server blades ?
  • 4 node + 2 hub slots with power distribution and cooling for up to 300W per slot ?
  • 6 rear transition module (RTM) slots
  • Supports two redundant Advantech Shelf Managers with Telco alarm signals ?
  • 40G ATCA-compliant backplane, with dual star topology on Base and Fabric Interfaces, handles up to 10 Gbps and 3.125 Gbps per differential pair
  • Redundant AC and DC power options
  • Right-to-Left Push-Pull Cooling Mode
  • Hot swappable FRUs (blades, RTMs, fan trays, power modules, and ShMM)
  • PICMG 3.0 (AdvancedTCA Base Specification) Compliance


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