Advantech Netarium™-2v2 3U 2-Slot ATCA System

Advantech Netarium™-2v2 3U 2-Slot ATCA System

Netarium-2 is the ultimate in entry level AdvancedTCA flexibility. This 2-slot platform allows OEMs to redeploy common platform hardware which scales when needed. Increased miniaturization at the blade level plus unique configurability using FMMs brings I/O and acceleration closer to the processing cores for higher throughput and performance than legacy 6-slot systems. A choice of integrated Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 blades, optimized for workload consolidation and virtualization, turn Netarium-2 into a carrier-grade SDN Controller or NFV application node with telco-grade manageability and reliability. Software can tap into native DPDK-accelerated packet processing performance for DPI-enabled control or higher layer virtual switching when needed.



  • 2-SLOT, 19" wide, 3U high fully integrated AdvancedTCA system
  • Up to 2 Dual Intel® Xeon® blades and Rear Transition Modules
  • Advantech Advanced Shelf Management with Intel® ATOM™ C2000 series system management and control plane CPUs
  • Power distribution and cooling for up to 300W per slot
  • 40G ATCA-compliant backplane with cross-connected Base and Fabric Interfaces
  • Redundant AC and DC power options
  • Intel® DPDK, OVS with Intel® DPDK offload and QuickAssist ready
  • Support for open source and commercial Linux distributions
  • Support for integrated NFV SW platforms under preparation
  • NEBS compliant configurations available


Hardware DPDK Intel QuickAssist Technology Open vSwitch with DPDK DPDK Intel QuickAssist Technology Open vSwitch with DPDK