Ampliphae Cloud Network Analytics & Control

Ampliphae Cloud Network Analytics & Control

With the massive growth in cloud application usage across businesses, the Wide Area Network has now become the critical component of the new Enterprise Application Infrastructure, not only in delivering cloud applications to users, but also as a valuable source of data that can be used to regain control of cloud adoption in the enterprise. Ampliphae’s solution uses advanced statistical analysis of network traffic flows, combined with sophisticated machine learning techniques, to give IT managers deep insights into the current and predicted use of cloud applications within the enterprise. Using these insights, Ampliphae integrates with the SDN and SD-WAN control plane, delivering a Cloud-aware network that automatically adapts and controls the WAN to ensure optimum performance for mission-critical Cloud applications.



  • Cloud Application Discovery using statistical analysis of network traffic flows
    Ampliphae allows the Enterprise IT team to discover, visualise and identify all the cloud-delivered applications that are in use across their entire enterprise, categorising and explaining the purpose of each one.
  • Predictive Analytics
    Sophisticated machine learning algorithms allow Ampliphae to learn how the network is used by the organisation and predict future usage patterns - so that the network can be continuously adapted and optimised.
  • Automated Network Resource Allocation
    Interfacing with the SDN and SD-WAN control plane and the provider WAN, Ampliphae automates the management of the enterprise WAN, ensuring that the network is optimally provisioned and configured to support the needs of Cloud applications.


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