In many ways the Base Station is just another appliance to be virtualized in the NFV era! Similar to other network functions, it needs to comply with the fundamental approach as outlined in the ETSI NFV framework. It should be implemented as a Virtual Machine on top of COTS servers, managed as any other Virtual Network Function (VNF) in a Virtual Infrastructure Manger (VIM) system and configured by an NFV orchestration platform. Yet, virtualizing a base station presents tremendous challenges, specifically in adhering to real time performance processing and reliability which are in telecom grade equipment and deployment . ASOCS develops its vBS solutions to address these concerns in accordance with ETSI NFV and Intel Architecture (IA). ASOCS Software Defined Access (SDA) solution based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture extends the Software Defined Network (SDN) approach from core network to the radio access.



  • Address and enable efficient ETSI NFV RAN (use case #6), C-RAN and DAS deployments
  • An ideal platform for a neutral host, ultra dense urban environments
  • Modular, Reliable, Agile, Simple, Scalable and Open Architecture
  • Supports near infinite amount of Base Station configurations
  • Exceeds the demanding performance of the traditional Base Station
  • Base Station L1/L2/L3 deployed in virtual machines
  • Virtualize the entire L1 Modem via adaptive partitioning of L1 resources



DPDK Access Edge