The Artesyn Embedded Technologies ATCA-7365-CE combines two 6-core Intel® Xeon® processors from the E5600 series running at 2.4 GHz with up to 96GB main memory in a balanced configuration that allows cost-sensitive applications to get the best performance from the processing power in a network data center (35°C) environment. It offers scalable, high-performance computing power for tasks that store, process and forward large amounts of data for applications where reliability or bill-per-minute are critical. It is based on open-standards AdvancedTCA® (ATCA®) technology to provide commercial IT applications with improved serviceability, power and space efficiency over typical rack mount server-based solutions. Multiple available rear transition modules provide a flexible combination of storage and I/O, which simplifies the integration of Artesyn’s ATCA-7365-CE into different network infrastructures such as data processing applications and the carrier enterprise environment.. Main memory c



  • Two 6-core Intel® Xeon® processors, E5620 or E5645 (2.4 GHz)
  • Up to 96GB main memory
  • Fully supported by the ATCA-736X RTM family
  • Hot-swappable hard disk with flexible choice of storage options
  • RAID 0/1 support
  • Multiple network and storage I/O connectivity
  • 10GbE ATCA fabric interface, PICMG 3.1 Option 1, 9
  • Designed for temperature controlled environment
  • Multiple software packages including operating systems