Aura Licensed CDN (LCDN)

Aura Licensed CDN (LCDN)

Aura Licensed CDN is highly scalable carrier-grade CDN software that that efficiently delivers high-quality video or other content utilizing a common HTTP caching infrastructure. Aura LCDN software runs on COTS hardware or Virtual Machines (VM) and federates with the Akamai Intelligent Platform™, providing global reach beyond the operator’s network footprint with a single business agreement. Aura LCDN leverages distinct software components, including content routing and mapping, caching, and management and analytics, that operate in tandem to deliver HTTP content in a highly efficient, scalable and reliable fashion. CDN content origination is also available for Aura LCDN through an optional add-on, Aura Object Store. Aura LCDN features a scale-out hierarchical caching architecture that eliminates the need for expensive load balancers, reduces CapEx, and improves network efficiency. Its low latency cut-through caching method enhances quality by ensuring minimal re-buffering.



  • Scale-out architecture
    Reduces CapEx and improves efficiency by eliminating the need for costly load balancers
  • Cut-through caching and delivery
    Reduces latency for live content by delivering content “chunks” as they’re ready rather than waiting for the entire stream preparation
  • Operation on bare metal or fully-virtualized environments
    Field proven in elastic, orchestrated virtualized infrastructure
  • Comprehensive management and analytics
    Aura Management Center and Aura Analytics provide everything needed for ease of operations and total control


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