B4N Orchestrator

B4N Orchestrator

B4N Orchestrator is a unified point of management of B4N Service Platform that ensures single point of topology and network services view. Orchestrator performs management and provisioning functions of B4N Controller’s clusters and provides APIs to OSS/BSS systems. B4N Orchestrator is a scalable and modular solution that engages YANG modeling language for service description and NETCONF protocol for programming network devices. OpenStack integration implemented for NFV Platform management. This makes possible to effectively handle user traffic in most appropriate place in the network and dynamically manage computing and network resources. Orchestrator brings together geographically distributed network segments under the management of individual SDN Controllers. Customers can create geographically distributed networks with a single point of management. Orchestrator raises network management and monitoring to a new level and allows IT to spend more time on focusing on user services.



  • Configuration clusters of Controllers and Service Chaining implementation
  • Convert policies based on high-level abstraction to OF datapath instructions
  • Scale VNF instances based on demand and traffic volume


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