B4N Service Platform

B4N Service Platform

B4N Service Platform is a comprehensive network orchestration and service delivery software platform for multi-vendor physical and virtual network infrastructure that automates service provisioning, simplifies network management and facilitates the smooth transition to Service-Oriented Infrastructure. While there are many SDN Controllers and NFV Infrastructure solutions available for carriers, B4N Service Platform stands out as a unique framework that leverages the synergy of SDN, NFV, Lifecycle Service Orchestration, open protocols and APIs. This allows CSPs to get the maximum benefit from these technologies.



  • Automation of Carrier Ethernet services provisioning
    E-Line, E-Tree, E-LAN EVCs, while supporting multilayer QoS and L2 service OAM (Operations, Administration & Management) through CFM (Connectivity Fault Management)
  • Centralized Traffic Engineering
    Maximum network utilization and optimal load distribution between network paths while avoiding congested links. Typically calculated paths (based on bandwidth) or constraint-based traffic-engineered paths are supported
  • Resilient and fault-tolerant Unified Network Fabric
    Unified Network Fabric is comprised from physical network elements [e.g. bare-metal switches in Metro Access/Aggregation Network and DC network fabric] and virtual switches in Cloud environments
  • Distributed Routing
    Integration of new SDN & NFV Environment with existent IP/MPLS networks: Routing MP-BGP component that helps CSP migrate Customers to SDN Infrastructure without any service degradation tightly and to provide L3 functionality in SDN domain
  • End-to-end service management;
    Incorporation of virtualized network services in Telco Cloud with network infrastructure outside the Data Center
  • Transparent Multi-DC VNF service chaining
    Centralized management of geographically distributed DCs with a couple of VIMs and SDN controllers
  • Integration with OSS/BSS and 3rd party Orchestration systems through REST
  • Embedded VIM functionality to manage remote standalone nodes (e.g. On-Premise equipment)
  • VNF Lifecycle Management and the opportunity of fast on-boarding of 3rd party VNFs by using ETSI compatible VNF descriptors



NFV Service Orchestration SDN Controller Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) DPDK Intel QuickAssist Technology OpenStack EPA