Benu Virtual Service Edge

Benu Virtual Service Edge

By utilizing Benu Virtual Service Edge Carrier Wi-Fi, Managed Business and Managed Home solutions, operators can move complexity out of the CPE and into the network, giving them greater flexibility and minimizing operational costs for new service introduction. What Sets Benu Apart: 1. Architecture Flexibility Decouples network layers for data, control and service so they can be independently scaled, both vertically and horizontally, as needed to support service agility 2. Rapid Value Realization Provides nimbleness and innovation to economically and confidently scale up or ramp down new services to stay competitive as the market demands change 3. Dynamic Service Routing Delivers unmatched scalability by allowing service delivery into the home or business to be dynamically right-sized based on service plan and device usage 4. Network Intelligence Provides detailed network, device session stats to analyze & improve existing services and formulate new ones



  • Wireless Access Gateway
  • Virtualization
  • IP Subscriber services: DHCP, CGNAT, Authentication, HTTP Mirror, Lawful Intercept, IPv4/v6, IPv6,
  • Highly scaleable aggregation: Smart Wi-Fi, Smart Home, Smart Business
  • Mobile Core Integration, Offload, VoWi-Fi
  • Virtualized eRouter and RGW
  • Standard interfaces and RESTful API


CPE DPDK Open vSwitch with DPDK DPDK Open vSwitch with DPDK