BroadForward Diameter Firewall (DFW)

BroadForward Diameter Firewall (DFW)

On the road to 5G, firewall technology will undergo major changes, as service providers have to secure services across 2G/3G, 4G and 5G for many years to come. In conjunction with the introduction of IT protocol in the 5G mobile core, security solutions require a fundamentally different – converged – approach. The BroadForward DFW is the first single-engine software solution designed to work across signaling protocols. BroadForward considers a threat to one domain as a threat to all domains. The BroadForward DFW provides as service providers with a path to gradual migration to a centralized security architecture across Diameter, SIP, SS7 and HTTP – required for 5G signaling operations.



  • Extensive firewall functionality based on a signaling framework with integrated security functions independent of signaling technology
  • Multi-protocol support, including Diameter, HTTP, SIP and SS7
  • Routing, screening and filtering on any parameter in any Diameter message as well as message source or context
  • Compliant with relevant GSMA FS.19 recommendations
  • Fully integrated with Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) functionality
  • Active anomaly detection reporting interface (HTTP, SMS & SNMP)
  • Extendable with SS7, SIP and HTTP firewall functions on same engine
  • Extendable with multi-protocol EIR Function (SS7, Diameter and HTTP)


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