BroadForward Equipment Identity Register (EIR)

BroadForward Equipment Identity Register (EIR)

The BroadForward Next Generation EIR provides operators with a single, unified access point for Mobile Equipment authentication in the network, supporting 2G / 3G and 4G / LTE and 5G. The product is designed to enable an independent, centralized EIR function accross technologies (unlike ‘on-board’ EIR functions on HSS, HLR, VLR, STP, SMSC etc.). The NG EIR is based on a unique, integrated and multi-purpose software design which is fully virtualized. Furthermore the NG EIR supports multiple protocols including Diameter, SS7 and HTTP. The BroadForward Next generation EIR supports all relevant 3GPP specifications for EIR including TS 22.016, TS 29.272, TS 23.401, TS 23.060 and TS 29.002. Extendable to 5G Equipment Identity Register (EIR TS 29.511).



  • BroadForward Next Generation EIR
  • Works across Diameter, SS7 and various other protocols;
  • Single, unified solution for EIR, supporting both 2G / 3G and 4G / LTE, 5G;
  • Independent, centralized solution (unlike ‘on-board’ EIR functions on HSS, HLR, VLR, STP, SMSC etc.);
  • Extensive operator control: easy customization of query interfaces, no need for scripting or development;
  • Enables additional services based on IMSI-IMEI correlation, vendor-specific AVP’s etc.;
  • Central logging point (EDR-registration)
  • Extendable to 5G Equipment Identity Register (EIR TS 29.511)


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