BroadForward Multi-IMSI Roaming solution (MIR)

BroadForward Multi-IMSI Roaming solution (MIR)

The BroadForward Multi-IMSI solution is a highly flexible, software based signaling solution. It enables operators to setup advanced signaling scenarios for Sponsored Roaming without the need for scripting or coding. This includes dynamic mapping and conversion between the Sponsor IMSI and the Home Mobile Network IMSI, as well as Global title conversion. The Multi-IMSI Roaming solution is part of a suite of BroadForward next generation products for routing, interworking, security and number portability.



  • Software solution enabling intelligent IMSI translation between the Sponsor IMSI and the Home Mobile Network IMSI
  • Supports GSM (SS7) as well as LTE (Diameter) networks
  • Enables Multi-IMSI provisioning and mapping
  • Supports Global title conversion
  • Central logging point (EDR-registration) and tracing capabilities
  • GUI based management and configuration, no need for scripting or developmen


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