BroadForward Next Generation DSC (DRA-DEA-IWF)

BroadForward Next Generation DSC (DRA-DEA-IWF)

The BroadForfward Next Generation Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) enables intelligent routing and interworking accross 2G/3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, IMS, Fixed, Wi-Fi, IPX, IT and M2M networks. Through advanced GUI based management and configuration users can freely enable true any-to-any interworking and routing for Diameter, RADIUS, SIP, HTTP, SOAP, REST, JSON, XML, LDAP, SS7, INAP, ENUM, TCP/IP, UDP . No dependencies on additional development or scripting. The BroadForward NG DSC runs on any off-the-shelf hardware or in a virtualized environment. Supports OpenStack and all leading virtualization technologies available for Linux, including VMware, KVM and Xen.



  • Unique multi-purpose design of DRA, DEA and IWF on a single platform (integrated software solution)
  • Single solution for any-to-any protocol interworking and routing, not just Diameter
  • Works across Diameter, RADIUS, SS7 and IT protocols including HTTP
  • GUI based services orchestration, configurable service logic, no need for scripting or development
  • Extensive mediation and interworking capabilities, fastest time to market for service innovation
  • Most complete MAP-Diameter interworking function (on-board)
  • Enables stateful scenarios using the on-board session database
  • Supports integration with subscriber databases and IT systems
  • Robust, carrier grade solution, N+1 scalable, high available, geo-redundant
  • Software based, supports use of standard hardware, Openstack, virtualization and cloud deployment
  • Structural reduction of integration efforts, hardware costs and vendor lock-in
  • DSC available either standalone or together with the Signaling Transfer Point (STP)
  • 5G ready: DSC is extendable to HTTP Proxy and Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP)
  • Diameter Firewall (supporting the relevant FS.19 GSMA guidelines)


Deliverables Network Location Integrated solution Software Platforms Access Edge Data Center On Premises OS/Virtualization NFV Service Orchestration Security Appliances / Security Software / Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) / Intrusion Detection System (IDS)