BroadForward Number Portability (ENUM)

BroadForward Number Portability (ENUM)

BroadForward Number Portability provides a single, unified access point in the network for Number Portability related integration and look-up services. Offers flexible integration and access to legacy and IP based Number Portability repositories including external and internal systems such as STP, CRM, UDR and other subscriber data sources. BroadForward Number Portability delivers a wide range of functions and features to intelligently resolve number locations, routing destinations, as well as the ability to apply advanced routing intelligence and message enrichment. Extensive support for protocols including INAP and ENUM, as well as various other Network and IT interfaces. BroadForward Number Portability can furthermore act as a NP server for ENUM queries (lookups for NAPTR records), where the incoming ENUM requests can be forwarded to external data sources over any of the protocols the solution supports (e.g. ENUM, INAP, HTTP, …)



  • BroadForward Number Portability
    Highly flexible and feature rich Number Portability solution
  • Extensive operator control (flexible real-time query interface next to existing batch processing)
  • Local storage and caching of Number Portability information, reducing the number of external queries/costs
  • Multi-protocol support, including ENUM, INAP, SOAP, MAP, Diameter
  • No dependency on expensive database technologies
  • Carrier grade, highly scalable, high available, geo-redundant solution


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