CA Virtual Network Assurance

CA Virtual Network Assurance

CA Virtual Network Assurance offers next-generation network performance and fault management capabilities needed to support a digital business transformation based on SDN/NFV network technologies. The solution is a flexible and scalable software gateway for existing infrastructure management investments to extend visibility in the multi-layered SDN/NFV stack and physical network relationships for improved orchestration and agility. The solution offers the assurance for advanced and innovative service delivery and new product/market identification, strengthening DevOps practices by assuring test network performance and reliability and reducing network capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating expenditures (OpEx) by maximizing infrastructure spend and avoiding over-provisioning of network resources.



  • SDN/NFV Stack Correlation—CA Virtual Network Assurance removes management complexity with expert understanding of all the network components and layers within the SDN/NFV stack and service chains.
  • Overlay/Underlay Visibility—CA Virtual Network Assurance delivers the visibility needed to efficiently operate new virtual networks alongside supportive legacy infrastructure.
  • Service Level Fault Identification—CA Virtual Network Assurance can accurately identify performance bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in service performance traffic within the SDN/NFV ecosystem.
  • Comprehensive Coverage—CA Virtual Network Assurance meets the flexibility demands of SDN with on-demand certification and support for controllers, orchestrators, OpenStack and vendor agents.
  • Advanced Analytics—CA Virtual Network Assurance correlates the new SDN/NFV overlay metrics alongside SNMP for advanced performance monitoring and analysis required to operate dynamic networks.



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