Calsoft Labs NFVOps Orchestration Framework

Calsoft Labs NFVOps Orchestration Framework

Calsoft Labs offers an orchestration framework that enables automated service provisioning, service fulfilment and end-to-end service quality assurance on virtual clouds. Based on ETSI NFV ISG specifications, NFVOps allows service providers to create virtual private multi-tenant cloud deployed on any cloud platform.



  • Supports dynamic service provisioning, service catalog & ordering, service & instance remediation
  • Open, scalable and customizable
  • Extensible to Private (VMware, KVM, Xen, Hyper-V) and Public (AWS, Rackspace, Azure) cloud environments.
  • Allows fast definition of new services & reuse of previous definitions
  • Supports automatic installation of licence keys where the VA vendor does not provide automation
  • On contract termination, VA license keys are recovered & reused at a later date on a different server or customer location
  • Significant reduction in delivery, installation & service activation time from 90 days to ~60 minutes
  • Significant OPEX savings


NFV Service Orchestration DPDK