Calsoft Labs Virtual WLAN Controller solution

Calsoft Labs Virtual WLAN Controller solution

Calsoft Labs offers a Virtual WLAN Controller solution based on the “central control, distributed forwarding” model for lightweight management, control and authentication of Wi-Fi services.The solution is integrated with Calsoft Labs' orchestration framework for automated service provisioning, service fulfilment and end-to-end service quality assurance. It offers scale elasticity, management and control of Access Points (APs) across multiple sites and geographic locations.



  • Centralized Management
  • Dynamic RF Management
  • Fast Roaming
  • Hot Standby for High Availability
  • Load Balancing
  • Optimal Channel Selection
  • Transmit (TX) Power Adjustment
  • Up to 250 Access Points support


NFV Service Orchestration OSS, BSS & EMS / NMS SDN Controller Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) DPDK Intel QuickAssist Technology