Centellis 2000

Centellis 2000

The Artesyn Embedded Technologies Centellis™ 2000 40G ATCA system is a high availability platform ideally suited for data intensive, central office and enterprise networking applications. The low profile makes the Centellis 2000 the optimal candidate for distributed networking functions, low density subscriber areas, or specialized applications. Target applications include distributed control plane functions, IMS/IPTV subsystems, 4G wireless applications, and edge networking and routing. This compact platform integrates chassis, cooling, power distribution and shelf management into an off-the-shelf solution for small and medium size network element deployments. The small form factor AdvancedTCA® chassis enables reuse of existing, larger scale AdvancedTCA (ATCA®) hardware and software elements providing a significant reduction in development cost and reducing time-to-market for deployments. The Centellis 2000 is available in simplex and duplex configurations with regard to power, shelf



  • Architected for high availability applications
  • 2-slots with rear transition module capability for each slot
  • Integrated shelf management
  • Direct cross-connect circuitry for the 1, 10, and 40G backplane fabric
  • Wide range of server, packet processing and media processing payload available
  • Advanced platform management software options
  • Front to rear cooling
  • Cooling & power for up to 350W per slot and CP-TA B.4 compliance
  • AC & DC power configurations available
  • 2 user slots for OEM customization
  • NEBS certification services available
  • PICMG® 3.0 ATCA mechanical formfactor with enhanced power & cooling
  • PICMG® 3.1 ATCA high performance switch fabric capable of 1, 10 and 40Gbps operation