Centellis 4410

Centellis 4410

The Artesyn Embedded Technologies Centellis™ 4410 AdvancedTCA® platform core is specifically designed to address the unique carrier-grade requirements of the telecommunications industry. Application examples include wireless infrastructure, packetized voice, wireline data, and cable network head-end equipment. Highly integrated and verified hardware and software components, reduced development costs and accelerating time-to-market allow network equipment providers (NEPs) to focus their development resources on critical, differentiating features that provide a competitive advantage. As processor technology advances, heat dissipation can be one of your largest challenges, so we've designed the Centellis 4410 to meet the highest thermal standards in the industry. Another important element of the Centellis 4410, R1.0 platform core is the ATCA-F120 system controller and switching blade. The ATCA-F120 combines PICMG® compliant base and fabric interface switching functionality with two AMC sl



  • Architected for high availability applications
  • 14-slots with rear transition module capability for each slot
  • Base platform includes 2 10G ATCA switches & shelf management
  • Wide range of server, packet processing and media processing payload available
  • Switch management and protocol software
  • Cooling & power for up to 350W per slot and CP-TA B.4 compliance
  • NEBS certification services available
  • PICMG® 3.0 ATCA mechanical formfactor with enhanced power & cooling
  • PICMG® 3.1 ATCA high performance switch fabric capable of 1, 1