Cloud Based Centralized WAN Orchestrator

Cloud Based Centralized WAN Orchestrator

Happiest Minds has developed a state of the art Cloud based Centralized WAN Orchestrator with the capabilities to manage Edge devices and an ETSI MANO compliant “Cloud in a Box” NFV Infrastructure. The OpenStack based NFVI hosts Virtual Network Functions. The Intelligent Cloud based Centralized WAN Orchestrator orchestrates the enterprise edge device by Policy based configuration and management and allows the enterprise or the operator to steer the traffic optimally across IP-MPLS, GRE and IP interfaces, selected dynamically based on application priority, QoS needs, Security and Cost configuration policies. This reference implementation demonstrating policy driven end to end traffic engineering both at the edge as well as in the operator’s cloud will help Service Providers and Business users to visualize the benefits of cloud based SDWAN solution leveraging NFV for better traffic performance, control and reduced cost of infrastructure.



    • x86 based COTS device • OpenVSwitch • Flow based traffic Management • Egress Port Type: GRE, IP, MPLS, VxLAN (*), IPSEC (*) • (*) In Progress
  • NFVi
    • x86 based COTS server • OpenStack Newton • vCPE • Service Chained VNFs (Firewall, Load Balancer) • Centralized Provisioning
  • Orchestration
    • Cloud Hosted WebApp • ODL • Flow Configuration • Run time traffic and Flow Statistics • Test Tool • OpenStack configuration


NFV Service Orchestration SDN Controller Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) Test Tools and Reporting Software CPE Firewall (FW) Load Balancer (LB) Open Daylight Open vSwitch with DPDK OpenStack EPA