Cloud-Delivered WAN Service

Cloud-Delivered WAN Service

VeloCloud Network-as-a-Service--- VeloCloud provides a complete Cloud-Delivered solution that dramatically simplifies the WAN by delivering virtualized services from the cloud to branch offices and mobile users everywhere. VeloCloud services deliver enterprise grade performance, visibility and control over both Internet and private networks, combining the economy of the Internet with the flexibility of the cloud.



  • ***Cloud Service Gateways
  • -VeloCloud’s network consists of service gateways deployed at top tier network and cloud data centers around the world, providing scalability, redundancy and on-demand flexibility. The gateways provide the advantage of cloud delivered services and optimized paths to all applications, branches and datacenters
  • ***Cloud Services Edge
  • -A thin “Edge” that is zero IT touch provisioned from the cloud for secured, optimized connectivity to your apps and virtualized services. All other network infrastructure is provided on-demand in the cloud.
  • ***Dynamic Multi-Path
  • -Dynamic Multi-Path is the connection between branches, applications and data centers with enterprise-grade performance, reliability, security, visibility and control. This is achieved by the Internet and hybrid WAN optimization, aggregation, virtualization and services capabilities of the distributed network of cloud service Edges and Gateways.
  • ***Cloud Orchestrator
  • The VeloCloud Orchestrator provides centralized enterprise-wide configuration and real-time monitoring, as well as orchestrates the data flow through the cloud network. Additionally, it provides the one-click provisioning of virtual services across Edges and cloud Gateways.


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