Cloudify is an open source, award-winning cloud orchestration platform based on the TOSCA standard and native to NFV. Cloudify is inherently built for integration, OEMability and interoperability, enabling these organizations to build best of breed NFV stacks - breaking the heavy, costly and proprietary black box model of OSS and BSS. Cloudify can be leveraged as both the NFVO and G-VNFM in the context of the ETSI MANO architecture, and is able to interact with multiple VIMs, containers, and even external and non-virtualized infrastructure and devices, OSS and BSS in a brownfield environment, all through a single application blueprint and pane of glass. Cloudify also enables VNF providers, telcos and operators alike to realize the benefits of the cloud by assisting in the transition from non-virtualized appliance to virtualized all the way through cloud-native VNF, with full lifecycle management and orchestration, and revolutionizing how NFV is delivered today.



  • TOSCA-based, open source orchestration
  • Topology-driven and application-centric management and monitoring of entire NFV lifecycle
  • Supports legacy network functions
  • Built-in auto-healing and auto-scaling policies for NFV
  • IPv6 Support
  • Support for containerized and non-containerized workloads
  • Designed for federated deployment
  • Embeddable (OEM)
  • Support for any application stack, with native OpenStack, bare metal and virtual appliance support


NFV Service Orchestration