CloudMetro 100

CloudMetro 100

ClodMetro100 is a carrier grade 10GE demarcation platform that has an additional Intel processor to enable the Distributed NFV concept. It supports all of the latest transport technologies such as Carrier Ethernet 2.0, IP/MPLS and OpenFlow. It supports many OAM, resiliency and HQoS capabilities as well as NETCONF and YANG next generation management. The hosting CPU is running the Telco Systems Virtualization Engine (TVE) infrastructure layer in order to enable the VNF execution and management. The CloudMetro100 represent a new and innovative approach in networking turning the switch from a single purpose device to a multi-functional platform. CloudMetro100 enable to run Telco Systems and 3rd party VNFs, we refer to as TelcoApps, to provide multi services in addition to the connectivity services.



  • High density 4x10GE + 11x1GE ports
  • Powerful Intel processor for VNF hosting
  • Carrier Ethernet, MPLS (VPWS, VPLS and HVPLS) and OpenFlow transport technologies supported
  • Wire speed non-blocking switching capacity
  • Supports a large number of services using HQoS
  • Multiple resiliency mechanisms
  • Extensive, field-proven service OAM and SLA monitoring and assurance
  • Comprehensive VNF hosting and virtualization infrastructure
  • Time synchronization (SyncE and IEEE 1588v2)
  • MEF, IEEE, ITU-T and IETF standards compliance for multi-vendor interoperability


Hardware DPDK Open vSwitch with DPDK