Creanord EchoVault

Creanord EchoVault

Creanord EchoVault is a centralized Performance and SLA Management system for Service Providers and Carriers to improve network quality and visibility. The solution supports a number of popular standards such as Y.1731 (Carrier Ethernet) and Two-way Active Measurement protocol (TWAMP) and integrates with a broad range of access, demarcation and core network elements as well as mobile base stations. It also helps you differentiate services to gain more revenue and happy customers with a quality focused SLA Portal. The solution has open interfaces (RESTful, NETCONF, CSV/XML, SNMP etc.) for integration.



  • Mobile Backhaul: Performance Assurance
  • Wholesale Backhaul SLA: SLA Portal
  • Business & Cloud Access: Performance Assurance, SLA Portal
  • Network State (delay, continuity) for SDN / NFV: Service Chaining, Service Rendezvous, Service Fulfillment, Service Placement, Service Removal



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