DeepFlow® is designed for massive-scale and extremely complicated data center network, applied to be integrated with cloud management platform to enable an intelligent monitoring and analytics simultaneously. DeepFlow® stands on the centralized sight upon virtualized and cloud-based environment management, separates data center network as ISP access network, physical network, virtual network and business(service) network, which bases on flow-based analysis and utilization that traditional tools cannot accomplish. DeepFlow® is a pure software product by utilizing SDN(Software-defined Network) architecture and open-source technologies so that it requires no particular device or 3rd part component, aiming to support cloud network operation with a real-time data collection and easier fault location.



  • DeepFlow Overlay Network Flow-based Analytics
    DeepFlow data capturing and analyzing in real time enables network team see the whole network clearly, and meet the requirements of troubleshooting, operations, performance optimization, metering and billing, and compliance auditing.


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