Dynamic Virtual Networks - Data Center

Dynamic Virtual Networks - Data Center

DVNd is an OpenStack plugin that completely replaces the Neutron networking service. DVNd orchestrates the creation of optimized VXLAN virtual overlays that eliminate the need for the OpenStack Network Node. DVNd utilizes Open vSwitch with Intel's DPDK to deliver high-performance virtual overlay networking at each compute node. Integrated connectivity to external cloud resources (e.g., public clouds) is provided through an integrated Overlay Gateway Router, which is delivered as a lightweight, portable virtualized network function. DVNd also integrates with white box switch platforms to provide high-throughput gateway services for external networks. DVNd is fully integrated with CPLANE's Multi-Site Manager to deliver a connected cloud ecosystem that can span multiple sites including global cloud centers, network edge locations e.g., Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (CORD), and mobile edge computing locations (e.g., cell towers).



  • Secure VXLAN Overlay Networks
    DVNd creates high-performance VXLAN overlays provide secure tenant (up to 16 million) separation. VXLAN overlays use optimized routing to prevent full-mesh networks, reduce unnecessary traffic, and eliminate the OpenStack Network Node.
  • Auto Configuration and Auto Recovery
    DVNd utilizes a lightweight agent at each compute node for auto registration and create a complete topology map for route/flow optimization. Upon recovery of a failed compute node, the optimized flow rules are then pushed back to the compute node.
  • Integrated Overlay Gateway Router
    DVNd includes a lightweight, portable gateway service delivered as a virtualized network function. OGR provides VXLAN to BGP translation that allows easy connection to public clouds such as AWS, Azure and vCloud Air.
  • Local Networking Functions
    All key network functions (e.g., DHCP, Floating IP, NAT, ARP Proxy, gateway services, routing, etc.) are provided locally at each compute node to optimize network performance and eliminate the requirement for the OpenStack Network Node.
  • High-performance Networking
    DVNd utilizes Intel's Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) to deliver maximum network throughput and reliability at each compute node.


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