ECX Core

ECX Core

ECX Core is a fully featured virtualized core for cellular voice and packet data. It runs as an LTE evolved packet core (EPC); a 3G UMTS or GSM core; or all three simultaneously. It enables new features such as mobility between RAN technologies (including WiFi with SRVCC) and SMS over 4G. ECX Core provides all of the functions of a 3GPP 4G EPC; the MME, SGW, PGW, PCRF and HSS. It supports S1/X2 handover, dedicated bearers, VoLTE, CS fallback (CSFB), SMS, inter-RAT and SRVCC. An embedded IMS core enables VoLTE calls made via the handset dial pad to other handsets or via SIP and an IP-PBX. The handset can appear as an extension with full access to PBX features. Both integrated and remote P-GW are supported. HSS/HLR functionality allows the creation of a private network; or ECX Core can connect to MNO infrastructure via Diameter (4G) or MAP/M3UA (3G/2G). For 3G, ECX Core provides MSC (both Serving and Gateway), HLR, SGSN/GGSN and SMSC. A Home NodeB Gateway supports 3G small cells via Iuh.



  • Integrated LTE, 3G UMTS and GSM core network
  • Embedded IMS / VoLTE
  • Supports picocells, femtocells and macro cells
  • Voice, packet data and SMS support
  • SIP/G.711 UAC support for direct integration with IP-PBXs
  • Optional mobile operator interconnect
  • Scalable from embedded single channel devices to thousands of simultaneous media sessions



Virtualized Evolved Packet Core (vEPC)