Ensemble Connector

Ensemble Connector

The challenge for the CSP is to provide a ubiquitous virtual switching infrastructure that can host other virtual network functions (VNFs). CSPs virtualizing their network need an enabling platform that provides high throughput data path performance. They need a solution that scales from small-footprint, edge applications to high-density, data center use cases. They need a solution that solves their OpenStack operational concerns and makes OpenStack fully deployable outside of the data center. And they need a solution that operates on a wide range of commercial off-the-shelf platforms, protecting their software investment and unlocking the networking functions from proprietary hardware. They need Ensemble Connector. Ensemble Connector is a family of software packages that enables CSPs to provide the data path and virtual hosting functionality at customer premises, in the gateway between network clouds, and in the data center.



  • IP and Ethernet Forwarding
    Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding models with rich traffic classification enabling deployment anywhere. Layer 3 VRF forwarding supports static and dynamic routing protocols.
  • Virtual Hosting Environment
    VNFs operate under KVM /QEMU for easy, open orchestration integration.
  • Encapsulations and VPNs
    Layer 3 VPN that interoperates with embedded networks and IPsec tunnels for overlay use cases.
  • API Services
    YANG model NETCONF and RESTFUL API services simplifying integration with third party OSS / BSS systems and our control and orchestration.
  • Embedded Cloud Packages
    Local OpenStack controller ensuring OpenStack scalability, performance and manageability.
  • Two-Factor Authentication and Call Home
    Support for secure authentication and zero touch commissioning of new turn-ups.


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