Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment

Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment

Ericsson is the market leader of key operator network functions such as virtual EPC, IMS, User Data Management and Media, e.g. Multi-Service Proxy and Media Delivery Network. To speed up implementation of NFV, keep integration costs low and provide interoperability, our strategy is to focus on OPNFV as the carrier grade, open source platform for NFV. Our solution is Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment. Part of our offering is also the hardware, Ericsson BSP 8100 (central office transformation) and HDS 8000 (datacenter transformation). Management and Orchestration is handled by Ericsson Cloud Manager and Ericsson Network Manager delivering an efficient solution for NFV and hybrid networks. The Ericsson OPNFV certification program is an industry certification to certify vendors towards ETSI/NFV standards and OPNFV reference platform.



  • Intel VT
  • DPDK
  • Intel Quick Assist
  • Intel Ethernet
  • Open vSwitch
  • OpenStack
  • KVM


DPDK Intel QuickAssist Technology Open Daylight Open vSwitch with DPDK OpenStack EPA