Ericsson Cloud System

Ericsson Cloud System

Ericsson Cloud System is a full-stack solution to handle all workloads across multiple industries. Each layer in the stack can be offered independently of the layers above or below. They can also be combined into converged offerings, such as secure storage, which are preconfigured to address a particular need. Key offerings include; HDS 8000 (Datacenter transformation), BSP 8100 (Central office transformation), Cloud Execution Environment (IaaS), Apcera Platform (PaaS), Secure Cloud Storage (Object storage based on HDS 8000), Data Centric Security (data integrity offering based on Keyless Signature Infrastructure technology), Cloud Management.



  • Intel VT
  • DPDK
  • Intel Quick Assist
  • Intel Ethernet
  • Open vSwitch
  • OpenStack


DPDK Intel QuickAssist Technology Open Daylight Open vSwitch with DPDK OpenStack EPA