Ericsson Service Provider SDN

Ericsson Service Provider SDN

SDN brings to the network operator network agility, which drives revenue growth and improves operational efficiency. The agility provided by automating network engineering tasks drives rapid service creation – reducing the time to market (and time to revenues) for new service offerings. Ericsson’s SDN product offerings build on the OpenDaylight based Ericsson SDN controller delivering SDN Control in the domains of Transport, Network Services and Data Center Networking. Ericsson also offers pre-integrated solutions for service providers that build on a combination of Ericsson products, services and third party products. These solutions bind SDN control capabilities with policy control to offer dynamic flow steering capabilities in managing connectivity for applications allowing traffic steering in the network in addition to the moving of complex functionality from the enterprise or home gateway to the operator cloud



  • Intel VT
  • DPDK
  • Intel Quick Assist
  • Intel Ethernet
  • Open vSwitch
  • KVM
  • OpenDaylight
  • OpenStack


SDN Controller DPDK Intel QuickAssist Technology Open Daylight Open vSwitch with DPDK OpenStack EPA