eVolution Virtual Experience Probe

eVolution Virtual Experience Probe

Procera’s Perspectives technology differentiates our solution from traditional probe-based solutions by providing structured data on the overall subscriber experience that includes traffic (i.e. applications), subscriber, device, topology, routing, score (quality of experience), RAN, and content - all placed in context with each subscriber data flow on the network. Each Perspective is a software license that can be unlocked as needed to provide more visibility into the subscriber experience. With this structured data, Big Data systems can more easily correlate the subscriber experience for integration into Customer Care, Engineering, Marketing, and Executive-level dashboards and analytics offerings. The use of IPFix to stream intelligence in real-time ensures that the data provided to Big Data systems can be acted upon in real-time, solving problems before subscribers know that they exist. Data can also be stored in the Insights Storage database and access via ODBC.



  • eVolution Software - The eVolution VNF is empowered by PacketLogic technology and acts as the collection engine for the network and subscriber intelligence. eVolution runs as a VNF on COTS hardware and standard hypervisor systems. Deployed in a passive mode on the network, eVolution will inspect all of the traffic on the network and stream the data using IPFix to a Big Data system, or store it in the Insights database where it can be exported via ODBC.
  • Traffic Perspectives - Traffic Perspective is based on Procera’s industry-leading Datastream Recognition Definition Language (DRDL) DPI engine and provides visibility into the applications and traffic running on the operators network. Over 2500 unique applications are supported (as of May 2015), and includes Messaging, Voice, Video Streaming, Audio Streaming, File Sharing, Gaming, and many other categories of applications. This data is important when building subscriber profiles, customer care, and for new service planning.
  • Subscriber Perspectives - Subscriber Perspective is the integration point with the BSS/OSS to glean subscriber-specific information to associate with each flow on the network. With Subscriber Perspective, each subscriber is associated with their IP address, service plan, location, device, and other information available in the operator’s OSS and BSS. This data is crucial to Big Data analytics that are subscriber and revenue oriented.


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