Evolve Orchestration Engine

Evolve Orchestration Engine

Evolve is a SDN/NFV orchestration platform, which enables agile, dynamic and cost-effective network service provisioning model for enterprise & service providers. An intuitive, intelligent intent recognition and compilation system, which master orchestrates your software defined infrastructure. Being it network provisioning using SDN controllers or VNF provisioning evolve takes care of end-to-end service provisioning and management. Effortlessly deploy services, spin up virtual Machines and apply Dockers. Seamless integration with OSS/BSS, position evolve as a robust tool for service fulfillment and maintenance.



  • Real-time health monitoring of controller resources, control, and data channel utilizations, with self-healing capabilities.
  • Lower CAPEX costs by simplifying design processes, validating network topology, and reducing implementation time.
  • Lower OPEX costs by automating processes such as service provisioning, change control, policy validation, and implementation.
  • Simulation of the network change prior to implementation to mitigate risk.
  • Real-time traffic analysis for vulnerability, threat detection, and mitigation.
  • Intelligent traffic optimization by statically determining the Quality of Service (QoS).



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